Places to visit

While basking in the warmth of “Serene Villa” visits or tours could be organized to nearby sights.
Here are some of the attractions that could be made available to you

A city tour of Nuwara-Eliya

The Tea garden resort known as “Little England” (6000 Feet above sea level) Van / Cars / Tuk-tuks
or even Mountain Bikes could be arranged.

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The Nuwara-Eliya Golf Club

The Nuwara-Eliya Golf Club is one of the oldest Golf Clubs in Sri Lanka. Established in the late 19th century,
it is located in the hill station of Nuwara-Eliya. It is an 18-hole golf course.

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Hakgala Gardens

A delightful experience to the nature lover, with an exotic range of flora and flowering plants,
long walks or even tracking if you wish.

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The tea plantations / Tea factory

See the process of tea making & enjoy a fresh cup of tea, while the process is being explained.

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Lake Gregory

Have a picnic Lunch or a snack pack by the shores of the waters & then take a motor boat ride.

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The old Race Course with stables & grand stand

and many more historical sites.

Nature tracks / Bird watching

(Guides can be arranged if you wish)

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Queen Victoria Park

In the center of the city itself

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Horse rides / Pony rides

pony_01 pony_02 pony_03

The sites of Nuwara-Eliya Hindu & Buddhist Temples

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The Piduruthalagala Mountain

(The highest mountain in Sri Lanka) mountain hikes could be arranged upon request.

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The natural waterfalls

Gushing through the mountains in and around Nuwara-Eliya could be viewed on a guided tour. (Bakers Falls / Bambarakanda Ella the highest water fall in Sri Lanka / Ramboda Falls / Chimney Pool / famous “Worlds End” (A 3700 feet sheer drop that offers fabulous views of the tea estates below and all the way out to the distant southern coastline. An exhilarating beautiful excursion from Nuwara-Eliya (27Km), it forms the eastern extremity of the peak wildness Sanctuary.

waterfalls_03 waterfalls_02 waterfalls_01

Horton Plains National Park

Wide range of flora & fauna could be viewed being one of the world’s best nature reserves
and eco-tourism venues of Sri Lanka.

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Galway’s Land National Park

Situated close to Nuwara-Eliya (1.5Km) from the city centre.

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